Monday, November 7, 2016

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: 8 Things to Do Every Autumn

Fall is here and it’s time to get your home and yard ready before the snow flies. 

Here are 8 things to take care of.

1. Clean your gutters
Try using an old plastic spatula to get leaves adn debris out of your gutters! It won't scratch, plus you can cut it to fit the contours of your gutter.

2. While cleaning your gutters, make sure to snake out down spouts 

They get clogged with leaves and debris and need a cleaning too. Try a plumber’s snake to do the job.

3. Keep watering
Watering in the fall helps your lawn recover from summer heat and gain strength for the winter ahead. If you fertilize, it's important that you water so the fertilizer dissolves and soaks into the ground.

4. Aerate your lawn
Aerating relieves the compacting of soil caused by foot traffic. Aerating allows air, nutrients and water to enter, which helps your roots to thrive!

5. Fertilize every fall 

It’s recommended that we fertilize four times a year. But if you only want to do it one time a year, do it in the fall. Now sure which type is best? Ask you local garden center.

6. Blowout your sprinkler system 

You can do it with your own compressor, but know that even the largest home compressor isn't powerful enough to blow out your entire system at once. Hiring a pro to do it for you is another great option. Shop around or ask your neighbors who they use.

7. Store lawn furniture 
Storing your furniture away for the winter will prolong their life and keep them looking good for many years. Make sure to clean them off before putting them away. Chairs can be hung from easy-to-make wood hangers in the garage, larger items can be stored in the rafters.
8. Winterize your gas grill 
Most of us in Colorado grill all year round, even in the winter! But if you’re not one to brave the cold, thoroughly clean it and pack it away in a dry place. If you're storing your grill outside during the winter, you can keep the propane tank connected (but shut off) and put a protective cover over the entire grill when you're done cleaning it.

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