Thursday, June 18, 2015

Milgard Ultra™ and WoodClad™ Series Replacement Windows Offer More!

You're ready to replace your old inefficient windows in your home, but which brand do you choose? There are lots of good manufacturers out there, but at Front Range Lumber we prefer Milgard Windows!

Beautiful to look at - with little upkeep required, Ultra™ Series fiberglass windows are built to last. Through a careful design process, Milgard introduces a window more resistant to heat, bugs and rot to help withstand the harsher sides of Mother Nature. A WoodClad™ Series option offers the warmth of a wood veneer interior.

Milgard offers:
  • Local service.
  • An excellent warranty that includes condensation coverage!
  • Short lead times, including special orders!
  • A wide range of products.
  • Plus many glazing options, hardware, and more.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Replacement Window Installation Tips

Window Installation Advice For Homeowners

Front Range Lumber installation of Milgard WindowYou are buying windows from us and arranging for an installation contractor separately. How do you avoid problems? Remember that there is no third party to arbitrate problems that you have, but being prepared for the project will save you grief. We have assembled some thoughts that we hope will help you…

Window Vinyl Trims

Professional window installers sometimes have to fill gaps around windows to give a finished look. These areas could be filled with drywall, wood trims or unfortunately with wide beads of caulk. One alternative is to use color-matching vinyl trim strips...

New Windows Alone Cannot Solve Out-of-Plumb Walls, Out Of Square Openings…

Generally, a replacement window contractor will not fix/correct underlying issues unless he is paid to do so… FIND OUT MORE