Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is not to be interpreted as a warranty nor should any of these hints override any of Trex’s own instructions. Please refer to their full instructions or call 1-800-BUY-TREX or access Decking material should be AT least the newer versions of “1x” or 2x material (Trex or otherwise). Trex is NOT structural and should not be used for supporting posts, joists or beams. Save the 1x for trim, fascia etc. We suggest that you ALWAYS use the 2x6 boards on stairs. Prevent waviness or “warping” of Trex by storing as flat as possible. Placing it directly on a driveway is a popular and certainly adequate method. However, the preferred method of storage is to lay the Trex across multiple “stickers”, that are approximately 24” apart (2x4’s or other scraps of lumber placed underneath to hold and support the product off the ground). Do not use treated lumber for this purpose as it can stain the Trex. Avoid laying Trex directly on rock or gravel beds or other irregular surface to prevent any marring of the product.

ALL Trex colors fade somewhat. These hues: Madeira Red, Woodland Brown and Saddle Brown fade a very nominal 3-5%. In essence, they’ll remain the same color. Winchester Gray will change to a medium-gray. Regardless of their beginning status, all boards of the same color will eventually fade to a similar color. Each piece of Trex has red or black printing along the side of the board. This will indicate the source of that particular board including the plant, shift and year manufactured. We recommend that you re-cut both ends of each piece of Trex to obtain a clean crisp end. We recommend that you
keep at least one end “scrap” for possible reference in theunlikely event of a warranty claim. Always verify that the entire shipment you receive is the same color, BEFORE the project begins. Remember some of the pieces you receive may have faded more than others. Although Trex is a man-made material, each batch (this can mean different lengths or sizes) may start out as slightly different colors due to the manufacturing and distribution/ storage/handling process. Not to worry though, all will fade to the same general hue. Please allow approximately two months for Trex to attain its final color. 
The New Transcends version of Trex are colorfast in the following colors: TreeHouse, Gravel Path, Firepit, Vintage Lantern, Lava Rock and Spiced Rum.

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